5 Reasons to Consider a Vasectomy

5 Reasons to Consider a Vasectomy

Men might not have as many hormonal birth control methods available to them as women do, but for male-side birth control, a vasectomy just can’t be beat. A vasectomy, a minor surgical procedure that prevents your ejaculate from containing sperm, is the single most effective way to prevent pregnancy, even more effective than getting a tubal ligation for a woman.

At the Urology Center of Orange County, Dr. Khaled Fareed provides discreet and supportive male sexual health care, including in-office vasectomies from his Fountain Valley, California, location. Here are just some of the reasons why Dr. Fareed might recommend you consider a vasectomy.

1. Results you can rely on

Vasectomies are the best way to resolve the stress of potential unwanted pregnancy. When you’ve had a vasectomy, your ejaculate no longer contains sperm, so there’s basically no chance of your partner getting pregnant. You can simply stop worrying about contraception after a vasectomy.

After your vasectomy procedure, remaining sperm can still potentially lead to pregnancy for about three months, or roughly 20 ejaculations

We’ll refer you to the fertility lab to have your semen tested 3 months after the procedure to ensure that sperm aren’t present any longer.  3 consecutive samples, 1 week apart, with no sperms are required. Until that point, keep using previously used birth control methods to prevent pregnancy.

2. Undamaged sexual performance

A vasectomy doesn’t effect your ability to perform sexually. You’ll still orgasm and ejaculate normally, and experience no reduced sensation or erectile dysfunction as a result of your vasectomy.

However, for some men, fertility does impact the internal sense of virility. Talk to Dr. Fareed if you have any performance-related concerns, and he can refer you to supportive specialists if needed.

3. The option to change your mind

While your vasectomy continues to provide anti-conception results for as long as you want them, you can also change your mind after getting a vasectomy.

Vasectomy reversal microsurgery can often reconnect your vas deferens, the tube that connects your testicles to your urethra, cut and disconnected in a vasectomy procedure. It’s important to note, however, that reversal procedures, like any others, aren’t always successful. It’s estimated that the success rate drops by 10% for every year after vasectomy. Reversal procedures are typically not covered by insurance and are done at fertility centers by micro-surgeons. Dr Fareed does not perform reversal procedures. 

4. In-and-out procedure

The procedure for a vasectomy is private, relatively quick. Dr. Fareed offers vasectomies from his office location, so you won’t need to deal with a hospital setting. During your procedure, a topical anesthetic keeps you comfortable. Most patients prefer using the self administered Nitrous Oxide (Laughing gas) to help them feel relaxed during the procedure. However, Patients who prefer to be completely out, General anesthesia & hospital scheduling is offered. This is also preferred for patients with certain scrotal or vasal anatomical configurations or variants.

Dr. Fareed performs your vasectomy by cutting and blocking the vas deferens in each of your testicles. Without access to the vas deferens, sperm can’t leave your testicles to mingle with your semen when you ejaculate. Dr. Fareed uses tiny incisions and special tools to complete your vasectomy procedure.

5. Quick recovery time

A vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure. Afterward, recovery is quick and not too painful. You can get back to work the day after your vasectomy. Mild discomfort and swelling after your procedure should be gone within a few days, and you should be fully healed after about a week. Avoid strenuous activity, including sex, bike riding, etc. while you recover.

To learn more about what a vasectomy could do for your sexual health and family planning goals, get in touch with Dr. Fareed and the team at the Urology Center of Orange County today. Schedule your initial consultation appointment over the phone now. 

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